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Modern Jive Scoring System
Victorian Modern Jive Championships
Melbourne Australia - Saturday 24 April 2010

DWAS - Beginner

First Vishal Gupta (Ceroc Melbourne)
Second Phillip Bunn (Brisbane Venues)
Third Zachary Skinner (Le Step on the Coast)


First Kim de Lacey (Le Step Modern Jive)
Second Judit Danka (Ceroc Melbourne)

DWAS - Intermediate I

First Asher Whaikawa (Gold Coast)
Second Grant Grinter (Move Your Body)
Third Caleb Risson (Lestep Brisbane)


First jes johnson (Move Your Body Dance Company)
Second Adele Sutton (CMJ Camperdown Sydney)
Third Sabina Wojtkiewicz (Ceroc Canberra)

DWAS - Intermediate II

First Atul Choudhary (Le Step on the Coast)
Second Austin Caffin (LeStep Brisbane)
Third Paul Feitz (Ceroc Australia)


First Jess Sweeny (Lestep- Brisbane)
Second Rachel Cureton (Lestep on the Coast)
Third jessie atkins (le step on the gold coast)

DWAS - Advanced

First Jesse Vos (Ceroc Perth)
Austin D\'silva (Le Step on The Coast)
Third Sean Mylecharane (CMJ)


First Emma Stainer (Ceroc Perth)
Second Natasha Seeto (LeStep On The Coast)
Third Maddy Platts (Ceroc Perth)

DWAS - Masters

First Clint Glasgow (Sydney)
Second Coby Chapple (Le Step On The Coast)
Third Shaun Diaz (Burnit Up)


First Emma Willis (Le Step on the Coast)
Second Dana Tanuvasa (Le Bop Dance NZ)
Emily Howard (Ceroc Melbourne)

45RPM - All

First John Woodman (Newcastle & Sydney) & Carolyn Woodman (Newcastle & Sydney)
Second Rob Wark (Ceroc Austral Central Coast) & Kristine Stillman (Ceroc Australia Central Coast)
Third Steven Anderson (Le Bop Auckland) & Jane Anderson (Le Bop NZ)

Freestyle - Beginner

First Phillip Bunn (Brisbane Venues) & Kim De Lacey (Le Step Modern Jive)
Second Vishal Gupta (Ceroc Melbourne) & Judit Danka (Ceroc Melbourne)
Third Jonathon White (Perth Ceroc) & Valentina Groznik (Ceroc Perth)

Freestyle - Intermediate I

First daniel sanderson (Move Your Body) & Jes Johnson
Second Guy Bentley (Burnit Up) & Tina Groznik (Ceroc Perth)
Third Daniel Connell (Ceroc Canberra) & Sabina Wojtkiewicz (Ceroc Canberra)

Freestyle - Intermediate II

First Grant Grinter (Move Your Body) & Elizabeth Maleevsky (Move Your Body)
Second Anthony Condon (Le Step Brisbane) & Katie Cooling (Le Step Brisbane)
Third Caleb Risson (Lestep Brisbane) & Jess Sweeny (Lestep- Brisbane)

Freestyle - Advanced

First Jesse Vos (Ceroc Perth) & Maddy Platts (Ceroc Perth)
Second Patryck Allen (CMJ Sydney) & Kate Mackay (CMJ Sydney)
Third matt hudson (new zealand & uk) & kim nguyen (australia & uk)

Freestyle - Masters

First Coby Chapple (Le Step On The Coast) & Holly Skinner (Le Step on the Coast)
Second Clint Glasgow (Sydney) & Emma Willis (Le Step on the Coast)
Third Sean Kavanagh (Ceroc Australia / Nuroc Sydney) & Charlotte Cowie (Sydney - Nuroc & Ceroc Australia)

Girl Battle -

Amanda Nullmeyer (Ceroc Perth) & Madelaine Platts (Ceroc Perth)
Second Clea Alexander (Ceroc Melbourne) & emma Priest (Ceroc Melbourne)
Third Kylie Davey (Move Your Body) & Leah sullivan (Move Your Body)

Guy Battle -

First Shaun Diaz (Burnit Up) & Guy Bentley (Burnit Up)
Second Dane Pickering (Central Coast.) & Patryck Allen (CMJ Sydney)

Cabaret -

First Allan Skinner (Le Syep On the Coast) & Holly Skinner (Le Step on the Coast)
Ali Rowe (Le Bop Melbourne) & Dean Oliver (The Space Dance & Arts Centre)
John & Carolyn Woodman (Newcastle & Sydney)

Team -

Get Involved (Le Step on The Coast)
Le Bop Bad Influence (Le Bop Melbourne)
Break the Ice Ice Baby (Move Your Body)
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