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VMJC 2007 Results Print E-mail
Victorian Modern Jive Championships
Melbourne Australia - Saturday 21 July 2007

1st Push Da Button (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd Rock This Party (Le Step Brisbane)
3rd Hot & Wild (Ceroc Australia)

1st Sandra Minc & Sarah Birtles (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd James & Dayna (Ceroc Australia)
3rd Allan Skinner & Holly Cormie (Le Step on the coast)

DWAS - Masters Boys
1st Mick French (Le Step Bribane)
2nd Karl Santa (Ceroc Australia)
3rd Steve Lampert (UK)   

DWAS - Masters Girls

1st Olivia Haddrick (Ceroc Australia)
2nd Christie Mansfield (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd Nicky Haslam (Ceroc and Modern Jive)

DWAS - Advanced Boys
1st Nick Sissons (Le Bop Melbourne)   
2nd Shaun Diaz (Ceroc Perth)
3rd Kevin Town (Le Bop Melbourne)   

DWAS - Advanced Girls
1st Ali Rowe (Le Bop Melbourne)   
2nd Dayna Houldin (Ceroc Australia)
3rd Sarah Birtles (Le Bop Melbourne)   

DWAS - Intermediate Boys
1st Casey Fowler (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Kjell Schwab(Le Step Brisbane)   
3rd Scott Stuart (ceroc melbourne)

DWAS - Intermediate Girls
1st Amanda Nullmeyers (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Emma Priest (ceroc melbourne)
3rd Alison Fyfe (Le Step Brisbane)

DWAS - Beginner Boys
1st Michael Caddy (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Jake Colburn (Ceroc Perth)
3rd Giulio Dalleore (Le Bop Melbourne)

DWAS - Beginner Girls

1st Amy Walsh (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Melissa Caddy (Ceroc Perth)
3rd Felicity Simons (Le Bop Melbourne)

Freestyle - Masters

1st Clinton Glasgow & Emma Willis (Ceroc Australia & Le Step on the coast)
Together with John Humphries & Christie Mansfield (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd Steve Lampert & Simone Harding (Ceroc Australia)
3rd Karl Santa & Olivia Haddrick (Ceroc Australia)

Freestyle - Advanced

1st Nick Sissons & Sarah Birtles (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd Coby Chapple & Jade Neave (Le Step on the coast)
3rd Shaun Talmadge & Zoe Drury (ceroc melbourne)

Freestyle - Intermediate
1st Joshua Grant & Amanda Nullmeyers (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Casey Fowler & Santina Casella (Ceroc Perth)
3rd Scott Stuart & Amy Holland (ceroc melbourne)

Freestyle - Beginner

1st Michael Caddy & Melissa Caddy (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Giulio Dalleore & Felicity Simons (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd Joseph Engelbrecht & Monique Barnard (ceroc melbourne)


1st David Craine & Carmina Sokolowski (Ceroc Sydney)
2nd Darren Ross & Jenny Travato (Ceroc Australia)
3rd Peter Mccrossin & Annette Mccrossin (Ceroc Australia)

Guy Battle
1st Daniel Fairweather & Rob Want (Le Step on the coast)
2nd Shaun Talmadge & Steve Kuljus (ceroc melbourne)
3rd Steve Mason & Scott Stuart (ceroc melbourne & ceroc melbourne)

Girl Battle
1st Amanda Nullmeyers & Santina Maria Casella (Ceroc Perth)
2nd Samantha Smith & Alison Smith (Ceroc Adelaide)
3rd Hayley Madge & Karen Davidson (ceroc melbourne)

Ultimate Battle

The Boys - Daniel Fairweather & Rob Want (Le Step on the coast)
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