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1st    Somebody To Love (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd    Principles Of Lust (CMJ)
3rd    Queen (Le Roc)

1st    Adrian Monico & Louise Capps (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd    John Humphries & Bianca Faber (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd    Kelvin Corbett & Melissa Tay  (Ceroc Melbourne)

1st    Yeah (Le Step)
2nd    Flash (Sydney)
3rd    Superstar (Le Step)

Freestyle Masters
1st    John Humphries & Bianca Faber (Le Bop Melbourne)
2nd    Adrian Monico & Louise Capps (Ceroc Melbourne)
3rd    Kelvinn Corbett & Melissa Tay (Ceroc Melbourne)

Freestyle Advanced
1st    George Pagotelis & Geraldine Dunne (Ceroc Australia)
2nd    Allan Dorini & Anita Huguenin (Ceroc Melbourne)
3rd    Gary Capell & Janet Bradburn (CMJ)

Freestyle Intermediate
1st    James Moyle & Caroline Wainwright
2nd    Peter Fradley & Amy Muncaster
3rd    Greg Zadro & Belinda Diggins

Freestyle Beginner
1st    Metin Omayoglu & Sheree Manix
2nd    Damien Montesin & Heidi D'eiboux
3rd    Bryce Lee & Emma Priest (Ceroc Melbourne)

Dwas Beginner - Girls And Guys Judged Independently
1st    Bryce Lee (Ceroc Melbourne) / Emma Priest (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd    Damien Montesin / Elaine Lentini
3rd    Grant Edmonds (Ceroc Melbourne) / Nuccia Ranteri (Le Bop Melbourne)

Dwas Intermediate - Girls And Guys Judged Independently
1st    James Moyle / Merrily Hunter (Le Step)
2nd    Peter Fradley / Amy Muncaster (CMJ)
3rd    Paul Smaldino (Ceroc Melbourne) / Caroline Wainright (CMJ)

Dwas Advanced/Masters - Girls And Guys Judged Independently
1st    John Humphries / Louise Capps (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd    Allan Dorini (Ceroc Melbourne) / Bella ( Christie) Mansfield (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd    Jason Sullivan & Melissa Tay (Ceroc Melbourne)

Girl Battle
1st    Sheryle Drury & Zoe Drury (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd    Hayley Madge & Yasmin Lau (Ceroc Melbourne)
3rd    Bianca Faber & Rachael Sparrius (Le Bop Melbourne)

Guy Battle
1st    Adrian Monico & Allan Dorini (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd    Jason Sullivan & John Kennedy (Le Step)
3rd    Paul Olin & Jordan Punch (Le Bop Melbourne)

Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes
1st    The Girls - Sheryle Drury & Zoe Drury (Ceroc Melbourne)