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One couple performing a choreographed piece to their choice of music.
Advanced & Masters Preferred,.
Lower levels must be endorsed via their company Director(s). We encourage these dancers to submit their routines early in order to receive appropriate feedback.

The Aim
The aim is to the move your audience through a journey with layering throughout the beginner, middle & end. The intent is that the dancers and their routine has a connection with the audience (costumes are essential).

Dancers Excluded
Dancers of a beginner or Intermediate level.

Aerials (optional)
Baby Aerials: Allowed.
Full Aerials: Allowed.

Number of Songs
Dancer's Choice

Music Tempo

Music Length
2.5 – 4 mins
This duration is highly recommended.
Timing starts from when the acts starts.

Other Notes
This category is judged and awarded as a couple.
Trophies awarded as 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

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